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Stoddartsville Bicentennial Celebration

Historic Stoddartsville celebrated its bicentennial on Saturday, July 4th, 2015.

Neighbors, family and friends from the community gathered near the 200 year old grist and saw mills to mark the milestone with a pig roast.

“It’s great to be here celebrating our little town of Stoddartsville, enjoying 200 years of history most people don’t know about,” said Adam Kerrick of Philadelphia. “We’re just trying to bring everyone the neat history that we have in this little town.”

The group celebrated under the “Star Spangled Banner,” a flag with fifteen stars and fifteen stripes.  This was the flag that flew over Fort McHenry during the battle of Baltimore in 1814 and was the flag that would have been displayed in Stoddartsville when it was founded in 1815.

Though many think of the Poconos as a quaint wilderness, John Stoddart saw it as a tremendous investment and constructed an entire town on the banks of the Lehigh River at the Great Falls. His grist mill had a footprint of 50ft by 70ft and stood four and a half stories tall. At the time it was the largest commercial mill in the state of Pennsylvania. Next to the grist mill stood the shingle and saw mills that processed local timber into usuable roofing and lumber.

Though the flood of 1862 and the “Great Fire of 1875” ravaged the town, remains of the enormous mills still stand today as a monument to one man’s enterprising vision in what was otherwise a vast, untouched forest.

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Schedule of Events

3:30   Pork picnic, swimming, fishing – Stull House lawn/Main tent

4:30   Historic District Tour – Meet near front door of Stull House

5:00   Percheron horse demonstration – Parking area

6:00   Archeological findings presentation – Main Tent

7:00   Reading of Declaration of Independence – Stull House porch

8:30   Sunset/ “Retreat” – Stull House Lawn

8:35   Dessert and cigars – Stull House porch

9:00   “Star Spangled Banner” – Stull House lawn

9:05   Fireworks – Stull House lawn

9:20   “God Bless America” – Stull House lawn

9:30   Bonfire – Stull House lawn

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